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Why AHT?

Plug-in Freezers - For your Supermarket or Discounter!

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Freezers and chillers from AHT are made for strong sales

Thanks to the large panoramic glass sliding covers on our used AHT freezers, the customer has everything in view. Goods are ideally presented and made available in top quality through constant cooling. The removal of the goods is very easy for your customers.

A Cooling System for all Needs

The freezers from AHT are practical and can be placed in any supermarket. In addition, freezers and chillers from AHT are perfect for setting up as a sales island. The placement options are diverse: single placement, row placement, block placement or installation as a freezer island with head units on both sides.

AHT - Green Technology

AHT is an environmentally friendly manufacturer of cooling devices. Therefore, the manufacturer has only been using CFC-free refrigerants such as propane since 2003. As a supplier of environmentally friendly used freezers from AHT, we help protect the environment. The informed customer will appreciate your decision to use a environmentally friendly device.


Version of the AHT Freezers:

  • High energy savings compared to conventional composite systems
  • Ecologically harmless thanks to the natural refrigerant propane
  • Completely CFC free
  • Additional 25% energy savings through electronic speed-controlled compressor (VS)
  • With lighting for an even more attractive product presentation
  • Ready to plug-in without any installation effort
  • More efficiency through modern energy saving fans
  • Improved inspection of goods with optimized useful net content
  • Low investment and operating costs
  • Maintenance-free in terms of refrigeration
  • Modern plastic inner container for even more product hygiene and easy cleaning
  • Large curved glass sliding covers for attractive product presentation


AD Function - Semi-Automatic Defrosting

The devices are equipped with semi-automatic defrosting. Automatic defrosting takes place at a constant temperature. (Note: the automatic defrosting only works in the "freezer" mode)

Frequent opening and closing of a freezer creates frost on the chest walls. However, the semi-automatic defrosting from AHT enables a perfect presentation of goods. The interior walls are freed of any frost by dynamic short-term heating, without causing inadmissible warming of the goods. This process improves the quality of the goods, increases the shopping pleasure and reduces the cleaning effort. (This function is only available for AHT freezers with the abbreviation "AD")

VS Function

The Devices are equipped with electronically speed-controlled compressor (compressor runs permanently, but only as required in the range of 10% to 60%)

Energy Efficiency in Cooling

Energy costs are high and will increase in the future. Invest today in energy-efficient systems to keep your bills small in the future. Our used devices from the manufacturer AHT offer interesting energy saving concepts for your supermarket.

Plug and chill! (= Ready to plug-in)

High installation costs for cooling devices do not have to be. With the help of AHT's Plug & Chill technology, converting any deep-freeze / cooling system fleet is extremely easy. The devices are ready to plug-in. This means that the devices must only be connected to the circuit. A complex installation is not necessary. After commissioning, you will continue to benefit from the AHT cooling units, because the freezers from AHT are maintenance-free and extremely easy to care for! In the past, it was sometimes necessary for a specialist if larger refrigeration units were to be installed in the sales rooms. Used freezers from AHT are ready to plug-in and only need to be connected to the mains. This makes market conversions considerably easier.

About us

About Us

MEINEX Retail Solutions GmbH - The center for shop fittings of all kinds, new and used.

We always have several thousand used freezers and chillers from the European quality manufacturer AHT in stock. Our warehouse is in the northwest of Germany in the city of Oldenburg.

Since 1986 we have experience in the worldwide export of used and inexpensive freezers and chillers of the AHT brand. Used freezers in good quality and large quantities.

The freezers and chillers of the AHT brand are economical and represent a new generation of cooling devices. These chests are equipped with integrated interior lighting and curved panoramic glass sliding covers.